within 24 hours after extensions
  • AVOID water coming into contact with the eye area,
    (You can wash the rest of your face)
    as moisture will loose the glue which caused
    your eyelash extensions fall out easily
  • DO NOT use a sauna or stream room
  • AVOID using lash curler or using mascara
lashury after care before24
more than 24 hours after eyelash extensions
  • USE OIL-FREE REMOVER to get rid of your eye make up
    helps to maintain your eyelash extensions last longer
  • DO NOT water proof mascara
  • AVOID using eyelash curler
    as it might cause your eyelash extensions fall out
  • AVOID rubbing your eyes or pull eyelash extensions out by yourself
    it is needed to be removed properly by technician
  • DO A PROPER CLEANING of your eyelash extensions
    helps extend your eyelash extensions lifetime
    and prevent building up of bacteria on your eyelashes
lashury aftercare after24
* 7 Days results guaranteed. For any irregular cases please call 096-729-8800