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What are false eyelashes made of?

Our lashes are made from imitation mink that stay soft, lightweight and will not irritate you throughout the day. Our eyelash extensions are available in different lengths, volumes curls for you to get your desire look.

Do eyelash extensions hurt or irritate?


We use the special glue that has less fumes also after application, our technician use the dryer to dry the eyelashes
to get rid of the fumes which will not irritate to your eyes.

Our Glue formula is certified by FDA from Japan and Thailand which gentle and safe to use with the eyes.

How much does eyelash extensions service cost?

We have different price ranges depending on how many lashes and technique of eyelash design that you choose. Check our service price click Eyelash Extensions Prices

How long does eyelash extensions last?

At Lashury, your eyelash extension will last about 3 weeks. Some might fall out with your natural lashes. However, your natural lashes do not grow at the same time, you are likely to have gap in your eyes after the extensions start falling out

Therefore, to keep your eyes looking good, go for a lash refill after 2 – 3 weeks

Will eyelash fall out after extensions?

Your eyelashes fall out naturally as their life cycle which you normally don’t obvious notice. But when you have got your extensions done, so you can easily notice when they fall out

Some of the factors that can cause the extensions to fall are: 

Application Technique by Technician : At Lashury, we have well-trained technician to make sure that your extensions will last long up to 3 weeks but also depending on…

Eyelash Extension Aftercare : At Lashury, our technician will guild the customer how to keep the extensions last long

7 Days Guaranteed : We provide you the warrantee period to make sure that you have satisfied with our services

How long does the service take?

At Lashury, it normally takes 45-60 minutes per application
but might depending on cleansing process or customer’s requirements on volume of lashes, eyelash design that may take longer time. However, you can get more information from our call center for our service period.

How to prepare yourself for your eyelash extensions appointment?

Please AVOID eye make up and apply mascara as it may take time for cleansing process then it saves time for your eyelash extensions application

How different between individual VS volume lash application technique?

INDIVIDUAL APPLICATION TECHNIQUE : It is used a single imitate mink lash to apply on your healthy real eyelashes one by one to create naturally beauty look that suit you

VOLUME APPLICATION TECHNIQUE : It is used up 2-4 imitate mink lashes to apply on each of your healthy lashes. It is suitable for the person who need more dramatic look.

How different between classic VS modern eyelash extensions design?

CLASSIC DESIGNS : There are 3 looks from Classic Designs to choose from. Each look is used of one-by-one application technique and used of the same level of eyelash curl to create natural beauty looks as your desire.

MODERN DESIGNS : There are 3 looks from Modern designs to choose from. Each look is used of one-by-one application technique and used of differences of eyelash curl to create more dramatic look for your eyes.

How to take care of eyelash extensions after application?

Please see more detail how to take care of your eyelash extensions click AFTERCARE